Women Of Integrity Inc.







A Registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit

Heather Simpson MSN RN ONC, has served as a proud member

of Women Of Integrity Inc. for the past 3 consecutive years, 2 of

which as a board member. Ms. Simpson grew up on Long Island,

attended the University at Albany where she participated in many

community service projects, several singing and performing arts

groups, and earned a BA and MA in Communication.


After obtaining her second bachelors degree in Nursing, Ms.

Simpson earned a Staff RN position on a Trauma, Orthopedics and

Bariatric Surgery Unit, where she became a preceptor, chair of

the unit’s interdisciplinary council, and a Orthopedics Certified

Nurse. Most recently, Ms. Simpson has earned a Masters in Nursing

Administration and Informatics, and currently serves as a Clinical

Informatics Specialist at a Long Island teaching hospital. She enjoys participating in Women of Integrity Inc. for the opportunity to connect with the community, network with local professionals, and to share her love for learning with others.



Heather Simpson - Board Member