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Women Supporting Women:

By Women Of Integrity Inc., Sep 19 2017 07:56PM

Is the idea of supporting another woman lost? If someone is doing better than or may have more money than you, does that bother you? I believe there is room out there for us all to win. If I win, you win. I think if alot of women changed their mindset and realized that the only competition you have, is yourself. I don't have time to compete with other women and you shouldn't either. The time you spend competing , you could be spending on building your empire or working on yourself. We as women have to learn to genuinely support one another . We are stronger united, then we are divided. Remember what's meant for you, no one can take. So, don't Hate, Congratulate your fellow woman. If you spread love , you will receive love.

Love, Peace, and Blessings

Sep 19 2017 10:09PM by Kahreen

Well said...Sometimes I think the idea of supporting each other is lost. Due to the fact that every woman want to be at the top. My believe is that where will always be room at the top,if not we can make room.

Nov 27 2017 08:38PM by womenofintegrity

Thank you for your comment.

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